We are a young team, with 8 years of experience and a promising future.


Our boats stand out for their design and innovation. Boats thought out to the last detail.

VIP service

We offer an exclusive service to our clients. Let us surprise you.


De Antonio Yachts, is present in countries such as UAE, SWITZERLAND, MEXICO,FRANCE, AUSTRALIA,CYPRUS,BAHRAIN .

Cristal Yachts

We distribute De Antonio Yachts products that are  innovative and attractive to our clients, thanks to the combination of aesthetics, comfort and safety. All fitted together in a sporty boat with a lot of style and unbeatable features.

What makes them stand out is the hidden outboard engines in a cutting-edge design, which undoubtedly helps to decrease noise, optimises useful space, and at the same time reduces maintenance, providing greater comfort to the passenger. All of these features is what makes De Antonio Yachts unique .

As a distinctive feature it is a high-end luxury product with little maintenance thanks to its outboard engines.

The De Antonio Yachts brand is present in UAE, SWITZERLAND, MEXICO,FRANCE,  and many more…

Our philosophy is based on hard work, close monitoring and  high standards. Our team will be able to assist you in English and German.

De Antonio Yachts keeps evolving, and has a bright future, launching new models into the market, based on the experiences and requests from our clients…continuously improving!