D46 Cruiser

D46 Cruiser

Sportiness and style

The D46 combines high performance and sportiness. A design that offers wide exterior spaces with the choice of two or three cabins, both with two complete bathrooms. The triple or quadruple outboard hidden engines, allows unparalleled sports performance, minimal maintenance and better acoustic comfort.

Comfort and top quality

One of its main features is the hardtop, which makes it possible to convert the deck area into an open or closed space thanks to its retractable roof and a large hinged stern gate. Its impressive finishes and design solutions, together with the wide spaces on deck and interior, make the D46 an exclusive and unique boat in its range.



Technical Specifications
  • Model : D46 Cruiser
  • Length overall: 13.9 m
  • Overall beam: 4.4 m
  • Engine: Outboard 3 ud / 4 ud.
  • Passengers: 12 p